Belly Dance

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.  Lao- Tsu

The Origins of Belly dancingBellyDancing1

Belly Dance or (Oriental dance) is about 5000 years old. Dance is one of the most ancient forms of art and was a blend of many cultural elements. There were dances to celebrate weddings, births, victories, homecomings, passages of seasons throughout the year as well as a person’s life. Dancing was one way people bonded with their culture, environment as well as socially. 

 Belly dancing has for centuries been considered the sacred of women. Belly Dance echoes the natural rhythms throughout a women’s life, beginning with childhood and the joy of open movement; the journey into puberty to increase body awareness and supports healthy self - esteem in preparation of womanhood. The rhythms of dancing have a soothing effect during childbearing years, calming the effects of painful monthly bleeding, headache, migraines, and cramps. Many women begin to belly dance during menopause claiming this changing time as a way to make up for what was missed, while give more attention to health. Traditionally, belly dance was a way for women to prepare and recover from childbirth. The basic movements of hip drops, hip lifts, shimmies, figure 8’s, belly rolls, and undulations, it engages and strengthens all the muscles in the stomach, pelvis, and abdomen.slideshow2

Health benefits of Belly dancing

 Physically, because the participant is on their feet, it is considered a good weight bearing exercise routine. Belly dance is good for blood flow, lymphatic drainage, massages vital organs, and aids in digestion. The basic movements work with the body rather than against it. Belly dance is a wonderful way to increase flexibility and strength to the spine with the gentle undulations that stretch and lubricate the muscles, tendons, and ligaments along the spine. Posture plays a key role in stretching and creating space between the 33 vertebras of the spine.

Emotionally and spiritually, belly dance a great way to reduce stress; its subtle rhythms along with the movements have a calming effect for your entire being. The movements of stretching, strengthen and lubricating of the spine as well as creating space and releasing tension between the 33 vertebras and the spinal cord.  This has a calming effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The subtle movements of the trunk massage the vital organs, supports the endocrine system by increasing endorphins and dopamine production. This creates a sense of well being. Many women have been mistreated sexually during their life. Belly dancing is a loving way to experience the gentle healing of their sexuality within the safety and support of other women.



Belly dancing Increases Energy and calms the spirit

As a moving meditation, Belly Dancing opens and nourishes our energetic skeleton. This includes the Charkas, 12 Organ meridians and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels that enrich your body, and spirit while it calms the mind. The Hara has been called the strength below the navel

and plays a key role in general energetic balance and Eastern philosophy. Meditation is a way to calm the mind, sooth the body from the stress of daily life. Moving meditation as in Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and many forms of Martial Arts helps to center and calm you into a peaceful present place. Belly Dance is another opportunity to experience the body, spirit, and mind connection.  

Belly Dance Retreats


A fun and exciting way to experience the moving art form of belly dancing while increasing cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength, balance and self-esteem. Check Jeannie’s Blog for class times.


This exciting performance is about 10-15 minutes in length and is a sure to liven up any party and surprise the guest of honor. This is great for retirements, family birthdays and celebrations.


Choreography & Costume Retreat

 Spend an afternoon to exploring, discovering and creating a dance.  Relax exchange ideas and explore the process of creating costumes. EWP_3944copy